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Sheri Cappa grew up on a farm in South-Western Ontario. Her profession as a Skating Coach has enhanced her ability to be creative in music and movement.  She has been a member of the London Brush and Palette Club since 2009. Her participation in classes, workshops and field trips has provided her direction and development. Sheri has been awarded several ribbons in the annual Brush and Palette Club shows, and her work is displayed in the private collections of her admirers across Canada. Her active lifestyle has her organizing and attending artist retreats to Ontario Provincial Parks and beyond. Sheri also enjoys teaching classes to all ages and has worked in schools and given lessons privately to children and adults.


The works that stand out most recently are her detailed graphite and watercolour pieces. The viewer is invited into the painting or drawing to experience the whimsy, or the pure joy of life portrayed there, often bringing a smile. The depth expressed in the play of light and dark “draws” the viewer to look closer at the details, indicating the focus and absorption the artist has taken to express the sheer joy of life that creating art can provide.  

The mediums that Sheri finds the most expressive for her are graphite, watercolour and pen and ink. She has also found success in combining two or more of these mediums. She appreciates the control she has with these mediums while also enjoying the fluidity and sometimes, the unpredictability of watercolour. Subjects range from animals to people to scenes from her various camping and canoeing trips.

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