Palette Knife Palette Knife Sushine Walk I started with pouring some colour onto the page and let it dry. The couple seemed to come out of the colours in the background. It makes me feel like they are walking along a sunny beach. 197013593 Little Love This is a tiny rendition of palette knife people. It sold at the opening at the square foot show at the Westland Gallery. 192771314 Love Birds This is my favourite piece I have done with the palette knife. I love the simplicity of the people and the birds. Check out the detail on the tree trunk! This was purchased before the opening at a recent art show. 192771320 Tree Swing Many of us have memories of tree swings as we were growing up! I love the colours in this one and the way the girl's hair is flying behind her. This painting has been sold. 192771313 Turbulent Shore One of our favourite camping sites is at Agawa Bay at Lake Superior Provincial Park. The waves are always crashing up on the rugged rocks. 192771316